Lifestyle Tradie’s Sales Success Series

Lifestyle Tradie's Sales Success Series
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Want to upskill your team to convert more sales?

Grow your trade business and make more profit with trust-based selling techniques that drive more sales and help build lasting relationships.

With the Sales Success Series, you’re in the driver’s seat to upskill your tradies to increase average-dollar sales and serve your customers better.

This series of 14 video training sessions has been specifically developed by Lifestyle Tradie’s Andy and Angela Smith, who’ve perfected and applied these sales techniques in their own trade business.

Each video session in the sequential series has been designed to be run by you and completed in a 30-45 minute timeframe, together with the facilitator’s guide and workbooks for each team member.

Everything you need is neatly organised and in the one place! It’s valued at $1997, but buy today and you’ll only pay $597.

Here’s the topics you’ll cover:

  1. The Importance Of Sales In A Trade Business
  2. The Customer Experience Maximiser ™
  3. The Trust Escalator ™
  4. The Call Converter ™
  5. The Sharp Show Up
  6. The Quote Converter ™
  7. The Job Driver
  8. Effective Cross-sell and Upsell Strategies
  9. Bonus –The Safety Inspection 
  10. Bonus – The Close
  11. The Quote Follow Up
  12. Unlocking Your Customer
  13. Handling Objections
  14. The Customer Lifecycle

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