Lifestyle Tradie Calendar 2017

2017memberClick Here to Download a PDF Version of the 2017 Lifestyle Tradie Calendar

January 2017

Monday, 30th January – Mastermind, Online (all members)
Tuesday, 31st January – Mastermind, Melbourne (all members)

February 2017

Wednesday, 1st February – Mastermind, Brisbane (all members)
Thursday, 2nd February –  Mastermind, Sydney (all members)
Tuesday, 7th February – Power Hour (all members)
Monday, 8th February – Mastermind, Online (all members)

March 2017

Friday, 10th March – R&R, Manly (all members)
Saturday, 11th March – R&R, Manly (all members)

April 2017

Tuesday, 4th April – Power Hour (all members)

May 2017

Tuesday, 2nd May – Mastermind, Sydney (all members)
Wednesday, 3rd May – Mastermind, Melbourne (all members)
Thursday 4th May – Mastermind, Brisbane (all members)
Tuesday 9th May – Mastermind, Online (all members)
Thursday 10th May – Mastermind, Online (all members)

June 2017

Tuesday, 6th June – Power Hour (all members)

July 2017

Friday, 28th July – R&R, Port Douglas (Platinum & Diamond members ONLY)
Saturday, 29th July – R&R, Port Douglas (Platinum & Diamond members ONLY)

August 2017

Tuesday, 1st August – Power Hour (all members)

September 2017

Monday, 4th September – Mastermind, Online (all members)
Tuesday, 5th September – Mastermind, Brisbane (all members)
Wednesday, 6th September – Mastermind, Melbourne (all members)
Thursday, 7th September – Mastermind, Melbourne (all members)
Monday 11th September – Mastermind, Online (all members)

October 2017

Tuesday, 3rd October – Power Hour (all members)

November 2017

Friday, 10th November – R&R, Manly (all members)
Saturday, 111th November – R&R, Manly (all members)

December 2017

Tuesday, 5th November – Power Hour (all members)


How To Make Sure 2017 Is Your Best Year Yet

Take the stones/pebbles/sand example where by Stones represent the ‘money making/most important parts of your business’, think newsletters within the year, P&L close of for the month. Pebbles represent the ‘key dates and activities of impact within the year’, think public holidays and school holidays and maybe a key booked holiday for those with kids. Sand represent all the other ‘elements in life’, think hair appointments, dinners with the family. Things that ‘provide the memories’ and need to happen, but can happen around the ‘other’ activities. NOW, put together YOUR annual calendar to reflect your LIFE. With this in hand you will be SURE to make your year the best year yet….



2017memberTo download this template simply right click and then select “save target as”: Click Here To Download Excel Template


2017memberTo download this template simply right click and then select “save target as”: Click Here To Download Pages Template