We’re all learning new ways to do business. It’s pushing us out of our comfort zones and poking us to rethink our regular routines. Even the iconic toolbox meeting, which we’ve all long taken for granted, is being reshaped by our new normal.

The introduction of the two-person rule prompted us to pivot in how we conduct our toolbox meetings at Dr. DRiP. We made the shift to virtual toolbox meetings! In the cheat sheet, we’ve captured the exact step-by-step process to make this happen.

Your Cheat Sheet: Virtual Toolbox Meetings

Click HERE to download Your Cheatsheet: Virtual Toolbox Meetings

Toolbox Meeting Agenda

Click HERE to download the Toolbox Meeting Agenda Template

How To Videos: Zoom Basics

How to schedule a meeting

Configuring audio and video

How to use the in-meeting chat function

How to share your screen with meeting participants

How to record a zoom meeting