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  • Create a profitable trade business that you love (again)?
  • Learn proven ways to work smarter, not harder to help you make more money and give you more confidence as a trade business owner?
  • Understand which business fundamentals you need to have in place — and where you should be focusing your time?
  • Discover the exact order in which to master your business basics for a faster path to freedom?
  • Save money by getting access to tried-and-tested strategies, without the expensive trial-and-error?
  • Stop second guessing yourself and start being the kick-ass trade business owner you’ve always wanted to be?

If you said “Hell, Yeah!” to any of the above, our short course, Build An Unbreakable Trade Business is for you! What better way to learn than from award-winning educators and fellow trade business owners who’ve built their own unbreakable trade business.

Are you ready to break the cycle of chaos and kick some serious goals?

What you’ll get!

Practical tools and insider knowledge to play your A-game

In this trade-specific course, Andy and Angela Smith are going to teach you how to create the trade business you set out to create, the one you dreamt of — before you realised you hadn’t been taught how.

Exact steps

You’ll get the exact, step-by-step guide on how to solve persistent problems in your trade business with proven solutions — from profitability and cash flow to team performance and wearing too many hats.


You’ll get insider knowledge from award-winning educators and fellow trade business owners who’ll provide you with clear and concise lessons on how to get your business fundamentals right to help you fast-track freedom.


You’ll get clarity on what you need to do in your trade business through a combination of videos and supplementary course materials designed to step you through the how-tos and must-dos to run a profitable business.


You’ll get perfected tools you can use to level-up your own trade business that have been developed through trial-and-error by Andy and Angela — why reinvent the wheel when you can get immediate access?


You’ll get to check-in with Andy and Angela via Zoom to ask any questions, dig a little deeper on the topics you’ve covered in the previous few weeks — and to hold you accountable for completing the work.


You’ll get a free month on our Lifestyle Tradie Membership, if you sign up on completion of Build An Unbreakable Trade Business. This means you get access to the full membership for 12 months and you only pay for 11.

What’s in the course?

This is a self-paced course designed for you to complete, when you can. Most course participants take approximately six weeks to work through the modules. It’s entirely up to you and your schedule! Here’s what’s in each module of the course.

Module 1

First up, you’ll establish where you sit within our Start Up, Scale Up, Sell Up model. You’ll discover what isn’t working right now, zero in on what’s holding you back, and design a Game Plan to create the life and business of your dreams.

Module 2

Time is money, so use it wisely! You need to identify and eliminate time-wasting habits or tasks, and learn how to delegate them to others. Let’s get 4-6 hours in your week back together, guaranteed.

Module 3

Next, you’ll use the ‘Payment Leverage Timeline’ to pull in debt fast and ease the pressure of mounting cash flow issues to get you out of the red zone. You’re not a bank. Put an end to those sleepless nights.

Module 4

Then, it’s time to work on increasing the conversion rate of every call (this means happy A-grade customers willing to pay good money). Plus, win more quotes. We’ll share our 9-step ‘The Call Converter’ and ‘The Quote Converter’.

Module 5

Following this, we’ll focus on streamlining your materials. As a trade business owner, all we sell is labour and materials, it’s critical to ‘Consolidate Your Inventory’ with the exact steps that’ll save you a minimum of $12,000 a year!

Module 6

You can’t do this alone. You’ll need the best team around you. It starts with driving a high-performance team through conducting the right toolbox meetings, setting and managing KPIs and using the latest technology to stay connected.

Module 7

Now, you’ll be ready to understand your hourly rate! You can actually make more money, more profit, by slowing down. With real-live data, you can switch your workflow and increase your average-dollar sale on every job.

Module 8

Are you using your job management platform to its full potential to break the cycle of chaos in your trade business? In this final module, you’ll understand why your job management software is glue that holds your business together.

Plus a BONUS ‘The Sales Success Series’

A 14-part, step-by-step video series to upskill your teams selling techniques (that we use everyday in our trade business) that are a win-win for your business and customers.

About Andy & Angela

We’re Andy and Angela Smith, owners of Dr. DRiP Plumbing, co-founders of Lifestyle Tradie and authors of Start Up, Scale Up, Sell Up. Since 2009, we’ve been teaching tradies in business how to start up, scale up and sell up using a proven step-by-step formula we created after hitting rock bottom in business ourselves. We climbed out the hard way, learning our biggest lessons through expensive trial and error.

Think back to why you became a trade business owner in the first place. Is it working out the way you thought it would? Most tradies have aspirations to be their own boss one day. Here’s the thing: TAFE only taught you the rules and regulations. Your first boss only taught you how to swing a hammer. You’ve never been taught how to become a business owner, have you? That’s where Build An Unbreakable Trade Business can help.

Our lives were in complete chaos. Now, Andy is completely off the tools. He chooses to spend about one-hour on Dr. DRiP each week. Want to get your life back, too?

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Got questions?

Build An Unbreakable Trade Business is a self-paced, short course delivered through online learning modules, including videos and supplementary materials, presented by award-winning educators and fellow trade business owners, Andy and Angela Smith.

Build An Unbreakable Trade Business is for trade business owners who want to break the cycle of chaos by learning the specific business basics that’ll get them the best results. It’s for trade business owners who would prefer to skip the trial-and-error process and be taught exactly how to create a more profitable business from industry experts.

The course is designed to be completed at your own pace. It’s entirely up to you and your schedule — and how quickly you want to implement and take action in your trade business.

Once you hit the ‘sign up button’, you’ll go through the cart process. Then, an email will hit your inbox with login details. You’ll then get regular emails checking in with you and providing you with a dose of motivation!

No, this isn’t an accredited course. The purpose of the course is to provide you with practical and proven steps specific to trade business, for trade business owners. The course is designed with implementation in mind, not assessments in mind.

Your first month is free! So, if in the first month you decide it isn’t for you, you can easily cancel your membership. Build An Unbreakable Trade Business is not a lock-in contract, so you can cancel your membership at any time.

Membership with Build An Unbreakable Trade Business is not a locked-in contract. You can easily cancel your membership, at any point.

One Month Membership FREE
Get your first month of Build An Unbreakable Trade Business for free (valued at $297!)
PLUS, get a bonus Strategy Session with Andy!
No lock-in contracts, cancel at anytime.